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Promotions at Zen Thai Spa! Welcome to the magical world of relaxation, where the best promotion in Warsaw is waiting just for you with open arms! Discover a moment of blissful relaxation and take care of your body and mind with an amazing promotion – now up to 40% discount on all massages lasting 60 minutes and longer!

This is a great opportunity to find time for yourself and your loved ones, immersing yourself in an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. Our experienced therapists will make your winter moments even more magical.

Remember, the offer covers all our locations, and the promotion does not combine with any other offers. Let your relaxation time become a time for you to truly unwind at Zen Thai Spa!

Promotional Extras

Welcome to the world of new sensations and relaxation! We are pleased to present our latest offering that will add even more magic to your experience at our Zen Thai Spa. Now, with every massage you choose, you can enjoy a 30-minute add-on, tailored to your needs and desires.

You can choose from three amazing 30-minute options:

Face Massage – 90 PLN
Discover serenity for your skin, combined with deep relaxation and indulgence.

Head Massage – PLN 90
Relax, getting rid of tension from every inch of your head, ensuring blissful peace.

Feet Massage – PLN 70
Let your feet rest, restoring balance and energy to your entire body.


Each of these options is the perfect complement to your chosen massage, creating a unique relaxation experience. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of our professional therapists and feel your body and mind move into a world full of peace and harmony. Discover a new dimension of relaxation in our spa now!

zen thai massage warsaw


zen thai massage warsaw

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A unique opportunity awaits you every day! Take advantage of our -40% promotion and immerse yourself in moments of pure relaxation, giving you the opportunity to experience relaxation on your own schedule.

It is worth noting that the offer does not combine with other promotions and does not include Zen Rituals, guaranteeing you the most favorable conditions for our unique massages.

In addition, for the full experience, before or after the massage, we invite you to relax for 30 minutes in our Finnish sauna – available exclusively in Wola. This is the perfect complement to your visit, allowing you to immerse yourself in a deeper state of relaxation. (Cost – 50 PLN)

What does Thai massage consist of?

Thai massage is a traditional therapeutic technique originating in Thailand, incorporating elements of yoga, acupressure and joint manipulation. The energetic pathways of the body are worked on, using deep pressure and stretching to relax muscles, improve flexibility and restore energy balance. It can be performed both with oils to massage tight muscles or without oils to stretch and relax them.

Is Thai massage enjoyable?

Thai massage can be both relaxing and intense, depending on the client’s preference. Some people find it enjoyable because of the deep muscle relaxation and improved flexibility, although others may feel some discomfort during intense manipulations because of the stretching that is one of its components.

Does Thai massage help?

Yes! Thai massage can bring many health benefits to our bodies. It helps relax tense muscles, improves flexibility, increases the flow of energy in the body and can bring a feeling of overall physical improvement to our bodies. It is also used for therapeutic purposes to relieve pain or improve posture. However, the effects can vary depending on the individual needs and reactions of our bodies and how often the massage is performed.

How to dress for a Thai massage at Zen Thai Spa?

During a Thai classical massage which is a massage without the use of oils Zen Thai Spa will provide you with loose, comfortable clothes that allow freedom of movement. A popular choice for Thai classical massages is stretchy sweatpants and a loose T-shirt. It is important that clothes are easy to remove, as the masseuse may ask you to uncover certain areas of your body during the massage in order to properly perform it in specially designed positions.

How much does a massage cost?

Massage prices may vary depending on the type of massage, its duration and its technique. We offer various types of packages and massages. For more information on prices and current promotions, please visit the promotions or price list tab. Surely everyone will find something for themselves and their loved ones with us!

Is it healthy to use a Finnish sauna?

Of course! Before a massage, the use of a Finnish sauna can significantly increase the benefits of the therapy. The warming effect of the sauna helps relax muscles, increases tissue elasticity and facilitates penetration into deeper muscle areas during the massage. It is the perfect combination of relaxation and therapeutic effect. Enjoy the full benefits for body and mind!

Ritual Sauna & Hammam & Massage

The Sauna & Hammam ritual consists of several stages. The Sauna & Hammam ritual consists of several stages. It begins with a 30-minute session in the sauna, followed by the Hammam, which regenerates, nourishes and cleanses the skin, involves cleansing the body with our natural scrub with the scent of Oud or Sandalwood. The scrub is followed by a bath with a Kessa glove, the use of which allows for deep cleansing and renewal of our skin, after which everything is washed off the body. The next step is a 60 , 90 or 120 minute massage, which will allow us to moisturize and completely relax. MAKE AN APPOINTMENT