Here’s why the Zen Thai Spa Voucher is the perfect choice:

1. Flexibility: Our vouchers, which can be redeemed at both the Wola and Wilanów spas, allow you to conveniently enjoy wellness at the location of your choice in Warsaw, thanks to your choice of location.

2 Exclusive offers: With our voucher, you can take advantage of our current promotions and special offers. Treat yourself to a premium experience with the best deals available.

3. Reusable convenience: enjoy the freedom to use the voucher amount in multiple parts. This means that you can spread your relaxation sessions over several visits, providing a spa experience tailored to your needs.

4 Extended validity: our spa voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of purchase. This gives you enough time to plan and savor the perfect spa day that fits into your schedule.

5 Upgrade Option: If the amount of the Voucher does not cover the full cost of your chosen spa treatment, don’t worry. You can easily pay the extra amount and enjoy a luxurious massage of your choice. The idea is to make sure you get the experience you truly deserve.

Give the gift of relaxation, well-being and self-care with a Zen Thai Spa voucher. It’s the perfect gift for a loved one, offering the flexibility, choice and relaxation you deserve. Buy your voucher today.

Coupon value

200ZŁ, 250ZŁ, 300ZŁ, 350ZŁ, 400ZŁ, 450ZŁ, 500ZŁ, 550ZŁ, 600ZŁ, 650ZŁ, 700ZŁ, 750ZŁ, 800ZŁ, 850ZŁ, 900ZŁ, 950ZŁ, 1000ZŁ


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